Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hauling A$$

I don't usually post haul's because they are far and few between for me. I don't have a job and begging my fiance for make-up seems silly. (Since a I am fully capable of getting a job.) The Fyrinnae stuff however is what my fiance got me for Christmas. I know it's late but we didn't buy anything for each other till after the holidays because of low cash flow. I have to get him a second present as well cause all I got him was a Pikachu plushie and he got me all this Fyrinnae.

The Sobe Botanicals stuff was actually sent by the lovely owner Lex. I had sent her an e-mail because I messed up my moisturizer. Despite the fact that it was my fault the moisturizer was ruined she sent me a refill of it and several shadows. The shadows are beautiful! I can't wait to use them. I will have swatches of all the shadows I got soon. :D
While at Ohyocon I bought my first pair of cyber falls or cyber dreads or cyber locks, whatever you want to call them. I really love how the go with the red in my hair. :3 I freaking LOVE THEM. So I will most likely be doing a cyber goth look soon. ;3 Do you guys want to see some pics from the con? (p.s. those awesome goggles are not mine. D:)


  1. How nice of Lex to send you a replacement and some other goodies! I still haven't ordered from Sobe, but I really need to! Love the cyber dreads! Looks awesome on you!

  2. Oooh so many pretty colours! You look great with your cyber falls! I really need to buy some Sobe, that's so nice of Lex! :)

  3. Peach- I think you'd really like their eyeshadows Peach. They feel really nice and the colors are beautiful. Thank you! I like my dread falls too.

    Lillian- Man those Fyrinnae boys know how to make colors. Thank you! I want more so I can match them with outfits haha. Lex the owner of sobe is really sweet. I'm still thankful she replaced it for me.


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