Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Like the Blue Cotton Candy Best-fotd

Eva my brother's cat has grown huge. She's long and slender limbed despite the pudgy tummy she's developed. She isn't as bitey as she was when we first got her but she's still a slinky, sneaky, mean cat. Her favorite thing is to drop out of the sky on to my chihuahua Abby. Abby LOVES both of the cats in the house but they mostly ignore her unless they want to play. Today while I was doing this she came into the bathroom to watch me. She usually likes opening the door when I'm in the bath but she hates it when the water is running. I think she was hoping I was in the bath so she could bat at me. (The bitch.)
When I was finished with this I sat down to kiss her but she kept sniffing at my eyes and lips. Thankfully she didn't swat at me but instead let me pet her. She is a very independent cat but it's damn annoying when she gets pissed off at you. Sorry I didn't include any pictures of her. Eva was camera shy today.

What I used:

Stila Illuminating Moisturizer
Hard Candy Concealer
Evil Shades blush in Gossamer

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (Just on the lid.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Live Large (Pink based purple used on the inner corner of the lid.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Overdose (A gorgeous blue used on the red of the lid.)
High Voltage e/s in Mind and Body (A matte shade with added sparkles used in the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Nijiro (I should have used a cool based highlighter instead of a warm one. TT.TT)
Nyc Liquid eyeliner in black
Milani eyeliner in black

Fyrinnae Lip Luster in Puppy Love

Herm I see some mistakes with this look that are bugging me. Usually I'm good at blending but I shouldn't have blended the blue and pink based purple together. I think I should have reversed the lid and the crease. The royal blue/purple would have looked better next to the pink-purple.
Some of you guys requested some reviews so I think I'm going to do a review on my favorite company right now High Voltage. Though I haven't tried the base or the lip whips/glosses yet. (When I have some cash I'm buyin me some new lip stuff! Woot woot!) Are there any other reviews you'd like to see? I'm thinking of doing swatches of all the Nyx lipsticks I own. Good idea?
Please don't forget to enter my contest to win some Hard Candy products!


  1. Oooh, I'd like to see some Nyx swatches!

  2. I love the little pop of pinky purple, it's unexpected and ky000000t. :3

    I'd love to see NYX swatches, same with HV lip products when you eventually get some :D

  3. I like it! And I'd love to see your Nyx swatches.


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