Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cherry Blossom Potpourri-Experiment

Like the glam rock stars of the 70's I attempted to do a Geisha inspired look. By NO MEANS is this anywhere CLOSE to what an authentic Geisha actually wears her make-up. Yes the skin is paled, the lips are red and the eyebrows are drawn on but it's certainly not to this extreme. Most Geisha's (though there are few true Geisha's left now. They are more like a novelty.) don't wear much make-up. It's their Maiko's who where the tradition whited out face and neck with drawn on eyebrows and smaller shaped lips. (They don't do heart shaped lips but rather smaller lower lips with pointed cupids bows. To watch a Maiko apply make-up here's a link! ) I learned a lot of this by talking to people that actually know the Japanese culture and are just as irked as me when women where it wrong.
Enough of the rant on to zee look!

Hot Topic White Face Powder (Applied all over the face but not the neck.)
NYX Blush in Pinky (Applied in a c shape around the temple and cheek.)
Estee Lauder Bronzer ( To contour my chunky face.)

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
120 Palette-
Bright Shimmery Pink (Used on the lid and up to the inner corner of the eyebrow in a round-ish shape.)
Bright Shimmery Purple (Used on the outer corner of the crease and lower lid blended heavily to round shape.)
Bright Shimmery Dark Royal Blue (Pressed into crease and blended heavily.)
Shimmery Cupcake Pink (Used on the inner corner of the lid and upwards to highlight the inner corner and upper lid.)
Matte White (To highlight of course.)
Shimmery Red (Used to cover the brows and brought down slightly to blend down the pink on the lid.)
NYC Liquid eyeliner in Black
Milani Liquif'eye metallic eye liner in Black

Hot Pink Unlabeled Lip Liner
Rimmel Lipstick in Alarm

Weee! Sorry I ranted a bit in the middle. I hope you guys like this. I'm going to be writing a review for my amazing Sobe botanical Goth Lip stix tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time. I'm taking more demanding courses this semester. WAH SO MUCH HOMEWORK.
I hope you all are doing well!!


  1. Ooooh, your lips look amazing. An etymologist would definitely wear lips like this ;) Can't wait for the Sobe review either, never tried them.

  2. OMG, I love it! The eyes are stunning, and how do you make it look so good and not at all like you have pink-eye (which is how it would look on me)! Love, love, love!

  3. Oh god this is just fantastic! I love glam rock and i love Geisha makeup (though I am super ignorant and just know the classic stereotype geisha face). Just beautiful. It really reminds me of 80s New Romantic makeup actually :D
    I'm really looking forward to the Sobe lipstick review, i'm desperate to try them!

  4. Love it! I have a blog award for you! Thanks for being so awesome! http://mamalovesmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-first-blog-award.html

  5. Goes fab with the hair ! I love the first pic :)

  6. hi, new to your blog [came from the "glitter is my crack" blog] and i think your blog is amazing - but
    there is NO LINK. i have a fascination for Geisha minutia, it's a thing, and i'd LOVE to see the application of makeup. is it possible to get the link? or even the website where it was, and i'll hunt it down?

    thanks [and seriously - love the blog!]


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