Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Transplant Blue-fotd

Between my History of the English Language homework and waking up late enough to make it on time to class I haven't had much make-up time. If I do have a small amount of time in the mornings I usually just brush on some eyeliner and mascara. I don't really feel the need to use foundation on my face since it looks ok bare. I wish I gave myself more time to do make-up. Today I was determined to put some on even if it was later on in the day. I put this look on at six. Mind you I haven't left my room because I'm in the middle of writing my journal for the History of the English Language class.
I was really hoping for the colors to pop but because my Pixie epoxy is on it's last leg their isn't much that gets on the wand any more. I made a large Fyrinnae order recently so my Pixie epoxy will be replenished soon! WOOT!! I also bought some Wet N Wild stuff while I was out today. I only bought two things but I used both in the look. I must say I'm impressed with the brand. They used to be so... well crappy but now their really awesome. I love how pigmented their eyeshadows are and the lipsticks are great. I promise reviews once I get some free time. :D

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Arcane Magic e/s in Futuristic Glamrock (A sharp sky blue w/ purple sparkles used on the lid.)
Sobe Botanicals e/s in Havok (A slate grey shade with blue sparkles in it used in the crease.)
Fyrinnae e/s in French Vanilla Shake (Used to highlight the brow bone.)
Wet N Wild Liquid Eyeliner in Plum
Milani eyeliner in Black

Wet N Wild Lipstick in Spiked with Rum ( A red/brown/peach.)
This was warmer then I wanted I later on applied a pinker/cooler shade of lipstick.

How are you? If you are in school how's school? Tell me how you are doing!
I will be drawing the winner for my giveaway soon so please stay tuned for that. If you haven't entered yet DO IT!


  1. I really like how you took bold colors and made them look soft here! Beautiful as always. :D

  2. That is reeeeeally pretty! Really want Futuristic Glamrock! Do you have a new camera btw?

  3. Gorgeous! Ugh, I'm jealous of your blending, and awesome shapes. :P

  4. Lady in a top hat-Thanks it took a lot of blending lol. :D

    Robyn- Thaaank you Futuristic Glamrock is a beautiful color. It has a pink shine to it so in some lights it looks pink instead of blue. It's amazing. Yup I got a new camera for christmas I also figured out that it has a macro setting which makes capturing the shimmer best.

    Kathy-Thank you sweetie. *blush* :3


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