Sunday, January 30, 2011

Madam and Eve-fotd

Oh my sweet cussing christ why didn't anyone tell me that sleepy hallow was so beautiful? When I applied it this afternoon I gasped. The tiny gold shimmer is so beautiful. Sadly my camera couldn't exactly capture how beautiful madame and eve/ sleepy hallow are together.
On Saturday my High Voltage order came in. I bought all lippies this time. I swatched them but I forgot to get pictures because I am stooopid. I really love the colors I bought. Tomorrow or later on this week I'll do lip swatches for ya! ( I also have a cyber goth inspired look that I'm posting later on.)

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae e/s in Sleepy Hallow (Ocean blue with a multitude of sparkles used on the lid.)
Fyrinnae Arcane Magick e/s in Madam and Eve (A BEAUTIFUL un-describable dark color used in the crease.)
Sally Girl Quad in Envy (The sheer matte white used to highlight.)
Milani eyeliner in black
E.L.F. Liquid eyeliner in black

High Voltage Lip Whip in She's Got the Look (Rosy doe pink/peachy color.)

Oh sorry the pictures are of me in my nightie. My clothes weren't out of the dryer yet. (anime style sweat drop.)
I hope you guys had a good Sunday! XD


  1. High Voltage lip swatches pleeeeeeeeeeease!!!! *begbegbeg* I love Madam and Eve... I don't know what it is either!

  2. Oh oh oh... Here's a combo for you. Te Amo by Fyrinnae if you have it, and Madame and Eve. It sounds odd cause Te Amo has this pinky shift and Madame and Eve has this green/blue shift but it is AWESOME.

    Nice nightie :P

  3. Robyn-KAY! *writes down on post-it note* Now I'll remember! :D

    Rae-AH DAMN IT TE AMO IS THE ONLY COLOR I FORGOT TO ORDER!!!!!!!! Uggghhh that sounds so pretty. TT.TT Hee hee you know you want a big nightie with cherries too! X3


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