Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fyrinnae Arcane Magic Swatches

Lool look! I finally came through with the swatches! I'm pretty terrible at the swatching bit I will admit sorry.

Eyeshadows: ( Top to bottom)
Glitterboi ( A blackened purple with blue shimmer that reflects violet.)
Jaguar ( Not a Arcane magic color but just as beautiful, this is a sparkly deep teal.)
Sequined Master ( A gorgeous lavender/liac with rainbow shimmers of awesome.)
Electric Stardust ( A mint green that shimmers and shines like it's name sake stardust.)
Futuristic Glamrock ( A fierce as hell light sky blue with some many different sparkles inside.)
Leopard-Print Galaxy ( A gold/green color that changes in certain lights.)
Pyromantic Erotica ( The most amazing orange ever created by man with a complex sparkle.)
I used Pixie Epoxy under these shadows. I just used a small swipe than blended it downward to make sure the base was spread out enough. :D

Lip Lusters: ( Also from top to bottom.)
Lollipop-Pop ( A sexy pink with violet duo-chrome I love this color.)
Puppy Love ( A pink with purple to violet reflect sparkles. I've worn this every day this week.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Next week is the end of the Spring Semester so I'll be having a few finals to work for. I may not post as much but you can always follow me on Twitter find me under Pixie_ala_mode. :D See ya soon


  1. Yay, love the swatches :)
    Love the colors!
    Love the Fyrinnae!

  2. Oh wow they all look so beautiful! I neeeeed to get me more Fyrinnae!

  3. Om nom nom so many pretties *____*


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