Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Purple and Yellow FOTD + Need some advice

This was kind of only an eye look today, my skin has gone nutty plus I have no concealer left. All I could use was some powder foundation that really doesn't cover my spots. I'm stressed out today, a friend is starting problems with me, all my exams are tomorrow and I can't bloody stop thinking of the mess she caused. It's starting to get to me. I feel so angry and hurt. I'm trying not to think about it but as you can see I got upset enough to do one eye badly.
I really should be studying...

What I used:

Too Faced eyeshadow Insurance
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Sleek Palette yellow ( On the lid.)
Sleek Palette Purple ( On the crease.)
Sleek Palette Beige ( On the inner corner of the eye and as a highlight.)
Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean ( Used as a liner applied with a thin angled brush.)
Sleek Palette Black ( Over the black bean, this is where I messed up and got black on the crease.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

I just left the mess because I'm not going any where today. I really love this palette though. It's so silky and amazing.
I need some advice what the heck do I do about my friend? She's very immature and selfish I can't deal with her when she's attacking me for no reason. ( She has bi-polar disorder and is in her manic stage. I've tried being there for her but she's shoving all of us away. She's being very hurtful, rude and nasty.) I can't even stand up for myself because I'm not that type of person. What do I do?


  1. That's a tricky one. I have a family member with that also and whenever she gets like that I just try to tell myself she can't help it even if it is friggin annoying!

  2. I have a couple of friends who are bipolar. On the one hand, they can't help it and they might suffer more than the 'average' (hate that term, but you know what I mean, right?) person would do if everyone abandons them.

    On the other hand, people around them are gonna be affected by things they say and do. It's great that you're trying to be there for your friend but you need to look after yourself as well, especially with exams coming up and all that.

    So I guess I would say, try to keep some distance and be 'detached' while she's being like this, so that you can concentrate on your own stuff and hopefully not be too upset by what she says/does. It's kind of a balance between being there for someone but not letting their moods be contagious.

    Hope this helps somehow!

  3. Í'm sorry, that's a hard situation to be in. It's like you said, it's her illness that's talking. It's hard to know what the reality seems like to her because it's probably like the illness has taken the driver's seat. Try to be supportive but if the situatuon worsens, keep a small distance.

  4. This is such a disturbingly pretty colour combo on you :D

    I'm probably not the best person to ask for advice, because I'd personally be like 'OI SHUT THE FUCK UP NOBODY LIKES YOU RIGHT NOW' :|

  5. I don't know, lady. I've had some similar issues, and they just suck. I wish I had some helpful advice, but I'm still trying to navigate it myself, and haven't figured anything out. I hope you feel less stressed, though, and make sure to take some time to care for yourself.

    And purple and yellow look so good on you!

  6. It's a beautiful look.
    I'm so sorry you're having such a tricky time with your friend.
    I do think that maybe the best thing would be to just keep your distance at the moment but if she really needs you be supportive. It sounds like a really bad situation and i wish i could help more.


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