Friday, May 21, 2010

We're in Bloom fotd

Blah I'm a bit tired today was such an off day. I'm sorry this post is so short I was on my way out while writing this.

What I used:
Too Faced eyeshadow Insurance
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi Cosmetics In Bloom ( Bright pink on used on the lid.)
Sleek Palette Purple ( In the crease.)
Hi-Fi Cosmetics Live Large ( Over the Sleek Purple.)
Sleek Palette Pale Ivory ( As the highlight color.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero
Almay Liquid Eyeliner in Onyx

Just tinted chapstick



  1. The crease colour combo is GORGEOUS. <3

  2. Beautiful! I love the way you do your eyeshadow, it's a beautiful shape.

  3. This is weird. I'm following your blog, but I haven't gotten any of your blog updates in months. So I hadn't realized you were posting all this time. I thought you were gone or something and went to look here but there are all these recent posts. You don't show up on the list of blogs that I'm following so I went to click on the "follow" button but I'm already following you. WTH? :-( I've been missing out on all your pretty looks. So annoying!
    Sorry I haven't commented on your posts. I didn't know you were still around! Wish I knew what the deal was so I could fix it.

  4. I really love the pink on the lid!

  5. Blix, the same thing happened to me! So, I stopped following, and then followed again by adding the url link to my blogger feed instead of clicking the follow button. It worked for me!

    Those colors look lovely together. I have them both, I may have to copy this. :)

  6. So lush and lovely! :) And I agree with Lillian, your shapes are great.

  7. Silhouette- Tank you! I like it a lot I wish the pink had come out more in the pictures though.

    Lillian- Thank you! :D

    Blix- That's weird, hmm maybe it's because my blog had a different name. I changed it after my friend decided she didn't want to blog with me any more. :3 I think that when I changed the name I changed the actual web site bit as well. ( I think that's how it happened.) I love the looks you've been doing btw. They're so complex and lovely.

    Phyrra- Yay thank you.

    Heather- Bah stupid blogger i want to punch it sometimes. Also OOO I WANT SEE IT ON YOUUUU!!!! Doooo eeeeet ( please excuse the oddness I haven't slept it's six in the morning lol.)

    Kathy- Thank you honey!!!!! :D


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