Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Accidental Pastels- Fotd

I don't like how this looked nor do I like how this photographed. Meh, it seemed like a good idea at the time but I really really don't like this look. Not one bit. No ma'am. I think the pink was the problem. :/

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Drunken Kiss ( A soft shimmery pink used on the inner corner and blended to the lid.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Pixies ( Almost matte soft lavender used on the outer corner.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Cheap Tricks ( Matteish light green used in the crease.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Super Sonic ( Bright blue used in the outer crease to tie the purple to the green.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Let it Snow ( shimmery sheer white with snow like glimmer used on the brow bone.)
N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner in black
Urban Decay 24/7 in Zero

Morgana Mineral Lipstick in Azalea Blue

Ok so I've been watching loads of vlogbrothers videos and now I'm talking really really fast. I can't help it. Even in my head I'm talking fast. Goodness. What do you guys think? Do you like it? What should I have done to salvage this look?


  1. I think it's interesting. It reminds me of an easter egg.

  2. I actually think this is a really pretty pastel look.

  3. I really like it, I think its Lisa Frank-y and 80s and cute. But maybe some fatty boombatty purple liner might have made it less pastely? Or swap the pink for orange?

  4. vlogbrothers!!! I haven't watched them in ages, but I watched them when it was Brotherhood 2.0. Man, I loved them. Thank you for mentioning this, so I know to go check *all* the videos I haven't seen. Yay! (And, yeah, when I watch their stuff, I tend to talk really fast, too.) Nerdfighters!

  5. I don't think it's that bad, the colours are nicely blended so it's a smooth eyeshadow look, bit like a faint rainbow... I like it !

  6. I like it, i think the colours are very interesting together :)

  7. Awwh I actually really love this, especially the lid shade(s). I agree with Phyrra, it reminds me of an easter egg :3

  8. Phyrra-Thank you! Oh boy I'll probably wear this around Easter then.
    Peachyperfect-Hee hee thanks, I like pastels on other people more than myself.
    scrubbingupwell-Well thank you pretty lady.
    Robyn-Fffff oh man you have such good ideas. I want to redo this now. The orange idea sounds AMAZING and I love the thick purple liner idea too. >.< I'm doing them AT THE SAME TIME. Lulz.
    Kathy-*makes nerdfighter symbol with hands* <3 Oh man you've missed a whole bunch. Just be wary you start talking like them after like three. I started using bigger/not usually used words to describe things. I confused my non-english major friends lulz.
    Martian- Thanks, I was trying to go for that but I didn't like the end result.
    Lillian- Thank you sweetie. :3
    Silhouette- Thank yee lady. :D


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