Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creatures of Silent Hill-Contest Entry For Fancy Geek

Silent Hill is one of the scariest games I've ever witnessed people play. I'm not much of a gamer so I usually just watch people play because I become to emotionally distressed to actually play. I know it's silly but I get to anxious to play RPGs. *shrugs* If you can't tell that's not me in the pictures that's my younger brother. I jokingly call him my "little big brother" or "big ugly buddy" since he is about six feet two. I had to stand on a stool to take these pictures lol.

What I used:
White Halloween Grease Paint mixed with Foundation ( Applied on half of the face*
SLEEK Bohemian palette (Greens, browns and blacks used to make the skin look rotted.)
Tissue paper over Lash Glue ( Lash glue spread over area then the tissue paper was applied over to make the skin look rotted, torn and wounded.)
Fake Blood ( To dye the tissues because they were white. Black was added to add depth.)
NYX eyeshadow in Dark brown ( Added around eyes, chin, and cheeks to contour.)

This was slightly difficult to do because my brother is rather sweaty. So whenever I applied make-up to his forehead it would slip off once I went to pat it down. I also ruined a towel with fake blood since he didn't want it to drip on to his shirt. The picture that is red was taken with no flash on the camera and the red light on a head lamp focused on his face. He made several funny faces that made his neck look broken but they freaked me out to much to post. This didn't take as much time as you think, it took me about twenty minutes minus the photography time.
I should have made him "fresher" looking since a lot of the zombies/ ghouls in the game are more... red and gory then this but he yelled at me when I brought the red lipstick out to put on his face. *rolls eyes* Brothers.
Miss Cacau I hope you like this. I'll probably do a "pretty" Zelda themed look next. :3


  1. Looks excellent! I'm going to do a silent hill look soon! :D

  2. OMG!!! This is awesome!! Amazing, really! Looks like he has burning ashes on his face! Scary! Great! :) I gotta show this to my sister (I usually play SH with her)!! *-*

    Yay! I hope you can do the Zelda look! *-*
    It's so exciting to see contest entries!!

  3. cool!!! I cant do anything like that!

    My little brother is also a friggin giant. He calls me his little sister even though I'm the older one lol. I think he's 6'4 now. It's the dutch in him from mom's side cuz my dad's a lil indian hahahah

  4. THIS IS AWESOME. I was just thinking about Silent Hill the other day actually, and how I wanted to watch someone play the games XD

  5. Gross! And very well-done. :)

    I can't even play Silent Hill, although I kind of want to. I had it a while ago, but it was just too creepy for a wuss like me. But then I'd keep playing it, I don't know why, it was just addictive - so I had to give it away to get myself to leave it alone. But I saw the movie recently, and now I'm all, "'re a grown-up. Surely you could handle it if you got it again." o.O


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