Thursday, August 12, 2010

She Who Knows the Sky- Fotd

It's been a boring day. I slept in really late then cleaned the house like usual. Nothing much to do except morn over the lose of our internet. It was turned off by the storm we had last night so now I'm just borrowing from the neighbors. I'm going slightly insane since their internet lags, is very slow and often times kicks me off blogger whilst I am typing. Douche bags. I'll probably bike/walk to the library near me just so I can read other peoples blogs.
I'll probably go crazy if we don't get it back soon. (Scratch that I'll just be doing normal none internet things like swimming or playing video games on my N64. lulz.)
Btw do you like my "oh hai" non-chalant face? Idk where that came from.
What I used today:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Terror in the Depths ( A medium purple with blue sparkles used on the lid.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Parental Advisory ( Similar blue based color family as lid shade but darker/deeper used in the crease.)
Hi-Fi cosmetics e/s in Super Sonic Over Drive ( A bright nearly neon blue used to line the eyes.)
Fyrinnae e/s in Faerie Realm ( A sheer lavender highlight shade used on the brow.)
Milani eyeliner

Fyrinnae Lip Luster in Lollypop-pop

What would you guys do without the internet? Go stir crazy? Do the things you've always promised yourself you would?


  1. I love brightlining and I love how you been doing it a lot lately :)

  2. this look! It looks like purple and blue glowy goodness! I especially like the blue liner!

  3. No internetz?! D: D: D:

    Do want parental advisory also, so pretty!

  4. I'd DIE without internet!! Though I am dying right now on my slowed internet (stupid quota! *shakes fist*)

    Loving the purple.

  5. I love your "oh hai" face, it made me chuckle. You do such gorgeous purple looks. Love it!

    I would probably be okay without internet for a couple days, but then get antsy about not being able to check my email.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I love that lip lustre on you :)
    I would be very miserable without the internet, but it would probably be very good for me! I'd get so much more done!

  7. Hngggg I love that bright blue eyeshadow used as liner :D

    Not having internet kills my life :( my phone screen is so little so it's just not the saaaaaaaaaaaaame D: *grumbles*


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