Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update + My Face Routine

Sorry everyone I've been feeling crampy/uninspired this week. Every time I go to apply make-up I get really fed up. :/
I was in need of something to write for today so I figured I'd go over what I use on a daily basis, cleanser and moisturizer wise I mean.

In the Morning/When ever I get up:
-Lush Angels on Bare Skin, I prefer herbalism for my oily/dry skin but my fiance bought two tubs of this instead. So I use it. It cleanses pretty well and leaves my skin feeling soft. It works well on my dry spots but it doesn't exfoliate as well as Ocean Salt. Ocean salt is my go to cleanser of choice. Most people say it's to harsh on your skin for every day use but it's the perfect balance for me.

-Neutrogena combo skin moisturizer, I've been using this stuff for years! I stared using it when I was fourteen after learning that moisturizing was the key to keeping ones youth. I mean that whole bathing in the blood of innocents thing is kind of annoying and messy you know.

-Lush Grease Lighting, a pimple treatment for my nasty that-time-of-the-month spots and the even more annoying slushies-are-not-in-a-food-group spot.

When I'm Getting Ready for Bed:
Dial Yogurt scented body wash, I use this to remove my make-up and strip off all the nasty oil from my face. This works well and it doesn't hurt my skin at all.
Neutorgena Make-up Removing Lotion, sometimes the Dial just isn't enough so I use this. It's pretty awesome. Just don't get this in your eye.

I'm lazy for a beauty blogger when it comes to face stuff but out of all my friends I'm the one that spends the most time in the bathroom. Sorry again for the short picture-less post. I'll try to do some make-up tomorrow. <3
Thank you all for the color suggestions from Morgana. I can't wait to place an order. I'm also thinking of buying from High Voltage cosmetics, any color recommendations? And if I buy a few samples for the give away what colors would you like?
( Sorry about the give away, I'm slowly collecting all the things I want to give away. I may throw in a copy of Souless since it's my favorite book. :D)

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