Monday, August 30, 2010

Pin-up till Sun up-FOTD

Today is my first day of classes. I did the schedule so I have most of my classes in the afternoon. I'm a night owl and I usually can't sleep until later in the night/morning even when I wake up early. My new bed is ok, I seem to fall asleep faster here then I did at home. Maybe it's because I'm not gazing lovingly/creepily at my fiance while he sleeps?
I'm wearing minimal make-up today because yesterday I did a full face but it melted off as soon as I walked outside. No full face because I have no face make-up on.

What I used:

High Voltage e/s in Rule Breaker ( Soft peachy-orange used on the lid.)
High Voltage e/s in Heart Throb (Red/orange with green sparkles in it used in the crease.)
E.L.F. white highlighing shade
NYC Liquid eyeliner (No other eyeliner since it was nasty yesterday when I did wear some.)

Ladies my skin is looking pretty dull and is breaking out a bit on my cheeks. What's a good scrub or home remedy that I can use to brighten my skin again? It used to look so radiant. :(


  1. Pretty! Have fun at your first day of classes!

  2. Pretty! This looks great on you - like a slightly subdued smokey eye with a little bit of colour :)

    Awwh I hope you enjoy your classes! :D

  3. Very pretty! And autumnal - makes me think of changing leaves.

    Maybe some sort of sugar scrub?


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