Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pumpkin Hearts-FOTD

Orange used to be my least favorite color. To me orange was the douche bag brother of the rainbow. It seemed cocky and annoying, not to mention that it was well... orange. Now I kind of like it. The color orange and I are on speaking terms. :D I think Fyrinnae helped me accept orange into my heart, Electro-koi is one of my favorite oranges now. I guess it can't help the fact that it leans more towards yellow sometimes, which makes it easier for me to like. :D This look was inspired by One Hand Washes Another and their new Halloween scents. I really want the scent Coven oh man it sounds divine. I haven't had the chance to buy/try anything from that company yet but I hope to soon.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Fyrinnae Electro-Koi (Bright orange used on the lid.)
Fyrinnae AM e/s in Pyromantic Erotica ( A complex orange with multi-colored shimmer used on the inner corner.)
Fyrinnae e/s in The Witche's Brewery ( Black with red/pink sparkles used in the crease.)
N.Y.C. Liquid eyeliner in black
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Zero

NYX Round Lipstick in Echo ( A nude lipstick with pinkish tint.)
Hard Candy Concealer ( Over the lipstick to make the lips paler.)
Fyrinnae Lip Luster in Hair Dye ( A bright but sheer orange/gold to brighten the face after I looked to corpse like.)

The last picture is Abby because she is adorable and needs loads and loads of cuddles. *cuddles wee chihuahua*


  1. This is so cute on you! I don't love orange, but it's nice on occasion :)

    Your puppy is adorable!

  2. lol I was just bashing the colour orange today as well! I wore it anyways but the whole time I was like WHY AM I DOING THIS.
    I like the combo you did, very autumn-y :)
    I made my first One Hand Washes purchase a couple days ago and snagged Angelitos and Calaveras solid perfumes. I can't wait to sniffe em!

  3. Aww the pupeh's nose matches your eyeshadow! I am sooo stoked for Halloween and Fall!

  4. I'm not an orange person either... I like it enough for eyeshadow, but I don't own a single piece of orange clothing. This look is really cute!

    omg the OHWTO Halloween scents sound amazing... I wasn't going to order for a while since I just got one a week ago, but I reeeeally want to try them.

  5. I'm not an orange person, I used to hate it at school and orange flavoured sweets are just the worst! And like Heather I don't own any orange clothing or accessories.... But I did do an orange smokey eye a couple days ago and orange and purple is one of my favourite combos...And I REALLY want Pyromantic Erotica.

  6. I LOVE THIS!!! (And obviously I was so very, very wrong about Hair Dye not being very wearable - it's gorgeous. I know it's not the only thing on your lips, but, damn. I need it.)

    I just realized that while Halloween is/was my absolute favorite holiday, I have never really liked wearing orange in any form (clothes, makeup, what-have-you). But I'm also coming around - and also largely thanks to Fyrinnae and Electro-Koi. And also lovely orange looks by bloggers like you! :D

    (Halloween is still one of my favorites, it's just that Hogswatch is now my other favorite.)

  7. What! OHWTH has new Halloween scents?! Great...I'm goint to have to go check it out and maybe place an order!

    Orange is one of my favorite colors for two reasons: black and orange are my college colors, and because orange is the color of my safety vest I have to wear all the time! Haha!

    You did orange beautifully! I love Electro-Koi!

  8. Lovely look. I've always been ambivalent about orange but I got a sample of Pyromantic Erotica and love it. I think I might be in the process of becoming and orange convert.

  9. Holy crap these oranges = AWESOME. I must be the only person who doesn't loathe orange :( all my friends hate orange flavoured candy and refuse to eat orange coloured M&Ms, and they cant even explain why, theyre just like ORANGE IS JUST DUMB.

    I think I'll start a cause for poor orange :(

  10. Gorgeous gorgeous look! I love the orange lips and eyes, i think the colour looks wonderful on you :)


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