Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bikini Sports Ponchin-Fotd

Bikini Sports Ponchin is a song by the Japanese death metal band Maximum the Hormone. I'm pretty sure it's about sex but I'm not really sure since I'm terrible at translating songs. I wasn't going to post pictures today till one of my friends told me I had too lol. The head phones in the picture are sadly not mine. They belong to my best friend who left her ipod here. I gleefully stole her head phones and started head banging to her music. She has the most amazing taste in music. We tried to put her itunes library on to my laptop but we can't figure out how to transfer since she has a dell and I a mac. :(

What I used:

Nyx Jumbo eyeshadow pencil in Milk
Sleek Palette matte brown ( A plum,gray and brown color used in the crease.)
Sleek Palette matte tan (slightly darker then my skintone ivory used on the lid.)
Random sparkly white ( Highlighting shade and used on the inner corner of the eye to brighten.)
Nyx jumbo eyeshadow pencil in cottage cheese ( Used on the water line.)
N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner

NYX Jumbo lip pencil in Deep Red ( Tranced lips and filled in.)
Nyx Lipstick in Chaos
Unnamed brand sheer red glossy lipstick

What's your favorite lipstick? The one you can't live with out? Mine was Evil Shades Lip stick in Primrose Path but it's still missing. :(


  1. I'm going to have to send you a new Primrose but it must be keot in a Faerie proof place!

  2. I love this on you! The lips are awesome!

  3. Pretty! Love the lipstick on you :D

    haha I love that crazy Maximum the Hormone song on the second half of Death Note. When I first heard it I made this face: o.O

  4. Aw, I want Chaos now, not that I need another red I won't wear. Love the shadow shape, Maximum the Hormone is also the awesomest band name ever!

  5. Oooh, I love red lips on you :) Chaos is my red as well -- I love how creamy and perfect it looks.

  6. The red lips look lovely on you. The whole look (headphone included) is great.

  7. Evilangel-Oh wow thank you so much!!!!!!!!! I'm defiantly locking it up tight this time lol. Damn faeries. *starts dancing to keep the faeries away* Idk why I would dance lol. I'm so excited thank you again!!!

    Phyrra- Thank you! :D It's fun wearing red it's no fun to kiss people when you're wearing red though.

    Annamax- Thanks and lolz that was my reaction as well. I had the tv up high and then all of a sudden a very angry sounding asian man starts screaming. XD

    Robyn- lol I know what you mean, I always fawn over reds when other beauty bloggers wear 'em but then it's like... meh not today. XD

    Cydonian- Thank you, it's such a wonderful red. :D I hate how slippery it can be though. :(

    Scrubbingupwell- I swear I'm stealing those head phones from my best friend. Thank you.

  8. LOVE the lip colour :) and the light lid colour really emphasises the unusual shape of the crease colour. Tis awesome!

  9. Whoa, lady! This is the hotness! Just stunning.

  10. This is absolutely stunning! I LOVE red lips on you :)


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