Monday, August 9, 2010

Pokemon Stadium Battle- Fotd + New kitteh

That little black thing laying next to my brother would be our new kitten named Ziva. My brother dislikes the name so we're probably going to rename her. She is very lazy and has an attitude of epic proportions. She hissed at my cat Freya who is not only older but also bigger then she is. Freya blew her off but was a little annoyed with this spunk of a kitten. My parents got her from a family friend. I wish they had gotten a cat from our local humane society but my mother thinks they're to expensive. Freya was a rescue cat so I don't understand why she wasn't willing to spend a bit more for a cat that REALLY needed a home. :/
Abby doesn't know what to think of the new kitten. The kitten ignores all the other dogs but has taken to stalking Abby. I think they'll become friends even though Abby enjoys Freya's company more.

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Acid ( Used on the inner corner with a flat synthetic brush, this is a BRIGHT yellow green.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Bulbasaur ( A grass green used on the rest of the lid and outer crease corner then up a bit.)
Shiro cosmetics e/s in Squirtle ( A bright blue used on an angled brush on the crease and blended down and added again.)
Shiro cosmetics e/s in Meowth ( Sparkly ivory used on the brow bone.)
Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in flipside ( Used on the waterline.)
N.Y.C. liquid eyeliner in Black

Nyx Round Lipstick in Circe
Estee Lauder Lipstick in Tiger's Eye

This look also looks AMAZING with purple lipstick. I found my barely used tube of Nyx's Medussa which is a dark sparkly purple and it looked so good with this. So if you are a little bit more daring then I apply purple/violet lipstick and be fierce. :D What should I wear/do next? I'm having a "make-up block" does anyone have any pictures/suggestions? *gives puppy dog eyes* Pwweeeeaaaassseee?


  1. I love NYX Medusa but I'm too scared to wear it! And don't ask me about what to do with your face, I'm having a bit of a block, too!

  2. Fuck I love how you used Squirtle in the crease! So bright and bold :D Lately i've just been staring at some of my samples in the morning and being like 'YOU WILL GO TOGETHER' and that's how I've been putting looks together XD

  3. Love how vibrant it is! Shiro has some good stuff, that's for sure and you certainly make the most of it! Purple lipstick would look awesome with that!

    I have a makeup block, too. Think I'll be swatching till Christmas :P

  4. I adore this look, I really do, and clearly need to get some Shiro tout de suite - but my attention is going crazy over ZIVA! I looooove black cats. And also? Ziva and Abby?! As in NCIS ZIVA AND ABBY?!?! *fangirling*

  5. Your cat is adorable!

    I've just ordered from Shiro too, can't wait for my order to arrive. I wish I'd ordered Bulbasaur now :(

  6. Robyn-Aw I want to see it on you. It's so lovely in the tube. Argh for all around make-up block!

    Sihlouette-LULZ I do that all the time "WORK DAMN IT! PINK AND DARK GREEN GO PERFECTLY TOGETHER!" Or some color that actually doesn't go together at all idk. Also thanks when I was doing this I was like hmmm it's missing something.

    Salia- Yay I love your swatches! But I freaking love your look of the days more. Bah. :D

    Kathy-AMG YES IT IS FROM NCIS. YAAAYYY SOME ONE GOT IT!!!!!!!! *jumps around*

    Simone- Thank you, I like Shiro a lot the colors are really great. I especially love the yelllow Pikachu.

  7. Gorgeous look, it really reminds me of Bulbasaur :) And your new kitty is just adorable! She looks quite similar to mine! :)

  8. Lillian- Thank you sweetie. oh man she does look like Weevil! We has kitteh twins! :D


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