Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All Covered with HAIR!

If you are wondering who that strange man is with the blue hair that would be my fiance. Isn't he adorable? We did this last Saturday after he decided his hair wasn't blue enough. Two months ago we put some Shocking Blue by Manic Panic over his natural hair color. It turned a dark teal because he had golden/yellow brown hair. After obsessing over it for weeks he decided to bleach his hair.
We went to Sally's Beauty Supply grabbed some violet based bleach powder, a 30 developer and another tub of Shocking blue. We should have washed the first color out first because the there was a lot of green left at his tips. I'm talking half of his hair was blonde and the rest was green. We were both pretty shocked. We even bleached it twice to try and get the green out. The green turned to a beautiful transparent aqua color after the second bleaching. I freaking loved it but he wanted it bright ass blue.
The violet based bleach was suppose to take out the yellowish tint that ones hair gives when bleached. There was kind of a yellow/golden tone to it so we applied some Manic Panic Virgin Snow toner over the hair for twenty minutes. The yellow became a lot softer and didn't turn the blue green when we applied it.
It looks amazing!
My hair was really simple to do. We bought a 20 developer (I wish I had used the 30 though.) and Ion's Intense Dark Red Blonde hair dye to do my hair. I was tired of nasty box days so I tried something new. I wish I had gone redder but I chose the darker color because the lady suggested it. (grumble grumble bad idea.) Red is EXTREMELY difficult to keep because of how quickly it fades. Reds always seem to turn bronzy on me which bums me out a bit. I'm TRYING extremely hard not to wash my hair every day but I just hate the feeling my oily scalp gives me. I'm a bit OCD about showering.
Do you ladies/gents have any tips for keeping the color? Later on this week I'm buying a tub of Manic Panic Pillar red to add my hair to keep it vibrant. I read if you add a tad to your conditioner it can keep your hair from fading.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I'll probably make a post tomorrow too!


  1. I've always found that if you leave on the color for at least twice as long as it says (depending on the actual shade I would sometimes leave it on up to six hours, if I wasn't sure it would take) it works a lot better and you don't have to bleach as much. Trust me, I've melted my hair off more than once and it is NOT FUN to deal with.

    Reds are tough because the pigment molecules are bigger than any other color and they rinse out really fast. It probably is a good idea to add it to your conditioner, especially if you leave it on for a long time in the shower. John Freida and Giovanni make really good color-boosting shampoos, though.

    Unfortunately, the violet in most bleach powders isn't enough to keep the hair from pulling yellow (which it does on everybody) and you have to tone no matter what you do. But if you were dyeing over it, and you had lots of time to devote to the color, toning with Virgin Snow probably wasn't necessary.

    Speaking as a professional, by the way. I own a tub of TIGI bleach and two different colors of toner (red-pink and blue), which can actually, if you add enough, give a subtle shade of warm pink, blue, purple, yellow, or green. It's cheap and I can DIY my color. I've accidentally turned my blonde sections hot pink trying to tone some green out of them, though!

  2. LOL "that strange man with the blue hair". I just imagine someone pondering who he is in a British accent XD


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