Friday, November 12, 2010

Ten Things I love About You-Award

1. Say who gave you the award
2. List ten things you like
3.Pass the away along to ten other bloggers

1. This award was given to me by the adorable, the sexy, the amazing KathyfuckingJacobs of Spinster-in-Training. If you don't read her blog already you should go now. *nods nods nods*

Ten things I like?
1. Aluminum Water Bottles-Especially the colorful ones from Hot Topic or the dollar store.
2. Jem- I'm a late 80's child which means I didn't get to watch this cartoon. I just started watching it recently and I wonder why the hell they aren't playing it now! It's amazing, the make-up, the fashion! I love it.
3. Blogging- I love reading blogs and I love writing in them. :3
4. Soup- There is nothing and I mean nothing like a cup of soup after a long day of school.
5. Squid Earrings- They've made a camo in several looks but I've never pointed them out. My brother brought them back from Saint Louis a few years ago. They are so cute and pink, they fit perfectly with my weird personality.
6.Ear flap hats- My head is to big to fit in most hats. My Dad told me that my Grandfather used to have his hats specially made because of his big Irish head. I want to wear the ear flap hats so badly but they are always to tight. MEH!
7. James Bond Films- The man may be a womanizing whore but I kind of love how bad ass he is. Plus he's hot in any form.
8. Florence and the Machine- Lovely strange music of awesome.
9. Twitter- I know social networking websites are holding us back as a society but I love twitter. I've made a lot of friends on it and I feel like we're just as close as the friends I talk to in real life. We talk about our love lives, our triumphs and our failure just like we would if we went out to lunch or something. I'm pretty thankful to have an extra support web even if it is on zee interwebs.
10. Learning about Russia- I don't know much about Russia. I only know enough to fill a thimble so I want to learn more. Does anyone know any good books or Russian history? Or hell a good documentary? :D

Kathy (hee-hee-hee tag backs!)
Lady Crow

Ok I know that's over ten but these are some seriously amazing blogs. I read them mostly, I admit I don't often comment because I'm dumb. Please give these ladies some love!


  1. :o ! I bought my dude all the 007 movies for christmas! (minus the newest one) HOURS OF BOND YO! :D

  2. OMG. I'm a HUGE soup whore. Especially Manhattan clam chowder by Progressive. I will stock up on that stuff like it's the apocalypse.

    (Many thanks for the award! 'Tis an honor.)

  3. Duuuuude, I've been wanting to learn about Russia ever since I saw the Night Watch movie and read one of the books. And bumped into a weird hot Russian guy at Christmas last year. Never got around to it though. So if you find any interesting stuff, link me please? :D I swear I'll get around to learning Russian one day.

    TankQ for ze award!

  4. Thats too bad about the ear flap hats :( But Russia...I don't know much about it either. Interesting thought! Thanks for the tag! :)

  5. Cheers doll :) I appreciate it muchly!

    I love soup too. We have a soup here called Covent Garden Soup co. and omg, they are amazing. They have this Jamaican Jerk soup and it is the bomb diggety. Also plz to post your squiddy earrings?

  6. Thanks, lady!

    Night Watch, Night Watch, Night Watch! The books are fantastic.

    I took a Russian lit course, but what jumps out in my memory most is the stuff I hated, so it's hard to remember all the stuff I actually did like. I think Pushkin's a great writer, but I wanted to slap the shit out of Eugene Onegin. Pushkin's Ace of Spades was good, though. And I liked Gogol (the Nose and Dead Souls). And I also liked Chekhov's Cherry Orchard. (And the 1999 film version is just breathtakingly beautiful.)

  7. Thanks so much for the award, doll! <3


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