Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ophelia the Asylum Girl-Inspired by Emilie Autumn


Taunting ribbons of word crash.

Haunting blood colored water soaks.

The water is only waist deep.

You can't drowned in something so shallow.

Lay down in the cool water.

Grasp at the last strings of sanity.

The reeds call your name

Sweet one, shy one,good one now lost.

Lotus covers your mouth.

The feeling of the living is lost between your lungs.

Not the daisy chain around your head can keep you a float.

Not the will of your brother, your father or your mother.

Lay you down in the water now.

Let the tears, blood, pain be washed away.

Er... that's a poorly written poem I wrote. Ophelia is actually one of my favorite literary characters. She's very much the tragic young girl I wanted to be when I was going through my over-dramatic phase. (You know the one... where the boys are just to immature. Your parents are too cruel. And to top it off boyfriend has gone crazy with the loss of his father... wait...) I've never actually been that into miss Emilie Autumn. I'd heard of her before but never listened to her music in length. I'd heard a few amazing covers but that's about it. Of course I listened to her music while doing this. I'm kind of enthralled now. I really like her song Gothic Lolita and Misery Loves Company. :D

There are a few this wrong with this. The hearts are a bit small/wonky and the lips are the wrong shade/shape. Plus I'm missing glitter! GLITTER ALL OVAH DAH FACE. I'm probably going to re-do this after I finish the Enchanted era inspired look of hers.

What I used:

You should powder your face to look white to do this but my face powder is at home.
Use a bright pink or red blush in the hallows of the cheeks. You're suppose to look slightly insane.

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Sally's Quad Black e/s (Used on the outer part of the crease.)
Morgana Cryptoria e/s in Twinkling Cherries (Yellow based red used to lightly line the crease.)
Evil Shades e/s in Heartless Queen (Bright blue based red used on the lid, over the black.)
Sally's Quad black e/s (Used over the red/black in the corner of the crease.)
High Voltage e/s in Alter Ego (Pinky/purple lightly over the black in the crease.)
Random Glittery white e/s (Used to blend up the red towards the brow bone.)
Sally's Quad Soft Pink e/s (Used on the outer brow bone.)
Sally's Quad white e/s (Used on the upper part of the brow bone and corner of the eye.)
Sally's Quad Black e/s (On the lower lash and then winged out.)
NYX jumbo e/s pencil in Black Bean
NYC Liquid eyeliner in Black
Mascara (On top and bottom but heavier on the bottom lash please.)

Hot Topic crumby eye/lip liner in Red
Rimmel Lipstick in Alarm (Yellow based red.)

I hope you like this Emily!


  1. It looks so very cute! Love Autumn! :D

  2. Gorgeous look, I love the colours you've used on your eyes.

  3. Love the poem! Very creative and beautiful look! The lips and the hair add so much to this look! Love your creativity and talent!

  4. Holy shittttt I LOVE that red on the lid and the lips :D the little hearts make me think of apples hanging from your eyelashes.....which sounds weird as fuck but is a nice compliment in my brain XD

  5. What, what!!! I love Emilie Autumn, especially Enchant-era! (You know about the treasure hunt, right? I want the Faerie Queen's Garb so badly, ugh.) One thing that made me sooooo mad (not really, but sort of) was when one time Kristen said she was pretty sure what makeup EA used, but wouldn't say! Killed me. The eyeshadows I could figure out, but not the lippies, and I NEEDED them. Anyway, enough EA blab - you look FANTASTIC! I especially love the yelling pic. And I think you *nailed* the eyes. :D Will be copying, for sure. ;)

  6. This is an amazingly fun look! I especially love the 3rd picture. :-D


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