Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh no! I didn't get any pictures of the zombies, drag queens and killer clowns I did this weekend. My weekend was so full I barely had to time to think let alone take pictures. I'm really sorry. Let me assure you they all looked really awesome. When I went Trick or Treating (with my twelve year old brother ok calm down.) the whole crew was subjected to compliments and stares. The only thing that bothered me was the trend of young women dressed in short skirts and sleeveless tops. I saw a group of these ladies out whilst I was trick or treating. Sorry ladies, you're going to get a cold with your knockers and knickers hanging out like that.
While I didn't get pictures of what I wore for Halloween I DID get pictures of my brother's zombie make-up for a costume party and pictures of my fiance with a head wound. I was bored and I forced him to let me do this to him. Isn't he a sport?



    I did so much make-up this weekend. I told everyone to come round three hours before we had to leave so I could do decent zombifying, and every fucker was late, so it didn't happen. But the night before I did some bitching stuff like Chuckie and a Na'avi... only rambling because I didn't get any photos either :(

  2. Um, don't you know that slutty costumes are all the rage?! [/sarcasm]

    UGH. The worst was last year I came across a slutty Ghostbuster costume. Excuse me, I meant to say "hot Ghostbuster." Or "'hot' Ghostbuster." It made the baby Slimer cry.

  3. I think you know what you need to do....

    Go back in time and take pictures ;]


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