Monday, November 22, 2010


There is a rumor going around that Hufflepuffs are sexual dynamos. They are in fact such sex pots that the sorting hat has to put them in a house with a stupid name. I think of Hufflepuffs as the sexually active band geeks of Hogwarts. I wanted to give this a sexy look to it because Hufflepuffs get so much shit. I feel bad since most of the Hufflepuffs I know are really sweet people. They don't deserve the nasty reputation of stupid the name gives. Don't be disheartened Hufflepuffs! Take your badgery to heart and be good finders.

What I used:

Nyx eyeliner in Yellow (Just on the lid.)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (Just on the lid.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s Pikachu (I said it before, pikachu is the perfect yellow. Used on the lid and down on the lower lid.)
120 Palette
-Black (put in the crease and blended out like mad.)
E.L.F. Liquid eyeliner in Black ( Used first on the lower lash line and on top.)
NYX Jumbo e/s pencil in Black Bean (To line the lids.)

Random Drugstore Black Lip Gloss from Last year

P.S. I won Grey's A Very Thankful November Giveaway! I didn't know until I checked my e-mail a second ago. HOLY CRAP YOU GUYS. *SQUEALS* Thank you Grey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stay Tuned for Several Emilie Autumn inspired looks and a hair post/look I did on Julia. :3


  1. Haha your little piece at the start reminds me of this group of geeks in high school who didn't want to admit to being geeks (pfft my group owned our status!) and they were all really incestuous and would hook up with everybody else in that group. >_>

    I loooove the black gloss with the pink cheeks :)

  2. Uhm the dark lips on you are hot!

  3. Even though I'm a Ravenclaw this is my all time favorite look.

  4. The gloss is aaaaaaamazing! I'm going to see DH tonight so I'm going to do the house looks this week and then less wearable ones on the weekend :)

  5. Congrats on the giveaway!

    I love the yellow and the black (I'm always scared it will turn out like a bumblebee - but you did a fantastic job here)

  6. Oh yes we are the sexual dynamos of the wizarding world. ;) Love the look you did and the gloss is hawt!

  7. Marry me, you sexy badger. ;) But seriously.


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