Saturday, November 20, 2010


Ravenclaws are the smarty pants of Hogwarts. Smart, loyal and honest these folks make amazing friends. I wouldn't have made it through high school if it weren't for my Ravenclaws. I think Ravenclaws are people to look up too. Gryffindors can be a bit reckless, Hufflepuff's can be a bit too nice and Slytherin's are just to bad ass to have a following. I seriously love this look and wish I had a better full sized picture of it. For some reason the amazing sparkles won't show up on my late 90's digital camera. D:

What I used:

Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
High Voltage e/s in Secrets & Lies ( Bright royal blue used on the crease.)
High Voltage e/s in Tombstone (Silvery grey used higher above the crease near the brow bone.)
High Voltage e/s in Sugar High (Navyish blue medium blue awesome color used on the lid.)
Estee Lauder e/s in Shimmery White (Used on the brow bone and on the corner of the eye lid.)
Sally Girl e/s in Silvery Dark Grey (Put under the lower lash line.)
NYC Liquid eyeliner in Black
Milani eyeliner in Black

NYX Round Lipstick in Thalia
I would have used Morgana Cryptoria's Shrieking Violet buuut I left it at my dorm. D: Seriously though if you try this look DO PURPLE LIPS. It will add a certain "smart art student" quality to the look.

Stay tuned for a Hufflepuff (the last look of this series) and a hair update post. :3
<3 Pixie


  1. I like it! I'll be doing a Ravenclaw look since that's my favorite :) I may even break out my costume. Though I was thinking of going the blue and bronze from the books...

  2. CRIPES YOU ARE RIGHT. I should re-do it. >.<

  3. No no no! It's blue and grey in the movies! So I think either color set works!

    I was actually planning on doing both. Midna & Veran for the blue and grey, and I hadn't decided on which shades for the blue and bronze.

    I hate that I've been sick this weekend so couldn't venture out of the house to see the movie :( I probably won't have time to see it until after thanksgiving.

  4. Love this. I don't know what house I would have been in... I don't think any of my traits are that strong :(

  5. I seriously had no idea they'd changed blue/bronze to blue/silver in the movies until I saw xsparkage's Ravenclaw look and people arguing in the comments. I am clearly perceptive XD

    Blues look so amazing on your brown eyes, maybe I'll copy this and do purple lips :)

  6. RAVENCLAW WOOOOO! Probably my favorite house of the four.

  7. Wow! This is a beautiful blue look! Looks amazing on you! Really makes you eyes pop!

  8. This looks fantastic on you! Great blue look, and not at all hooker-ish. (Not that there's any problem with hooker-ish, I just don't know that Ravenclaw and hooker-ish go together.) Also, hooker-ish. It's fun to say.

  9. Ravenclaw is my favourite <3
    You should totally do a blue and bronze version- it's an excuse to bring out more geek.
    I never paid attention to the films (hate them in fact) so I always thought it was blue and bronze/ blue and gold (I imagined it as a bright shiney bronze you see)

    Anyway, you look hot in blue. :)


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