Friday, November 19, 2010


Not all Slytherins are bad you know. Yeah some of them are a little snotty and Tom Riddle gives the house a bad name. My fiance is actually a Slytherin... which makes sitting in the common room a bit awkward. How am I suppose to get my mac on when Ron's all up in my face about dating a Slytherin. Er... sorry fan fiction mode here. In muggle news the male counterpart of the annoying couple (who broke up weeks ago) has been bothering me. I thought he was pretty harmless though my friend Julia hates him. He's made several suggestive passes at her including having pictures of her on his phone that she didn't know were taken. I didn't mind him until today when he shook his junk at me then sent passive aggressive messages to me over facebook. He's acting like a baby. It annoys me so much that when I walk past his door I mutter "Avada Kadava." I realize that's extremely immature but I'm not sure what else to do. I don't like getting in fights with people. I just want everyone to get along.

What I used:
Hard Candy Concealer Palette
Fyrinnae Mineral Foundation in Opal
Estee Lauder Bronze colored Blush (Countered cheek to add snooty fine boned features.)
Estee Lauder Peach Colored Blush (Brushed Lightly on apples.)
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Articuno (Beautiful glittery silver used on the corner of the eye.)
High Voltage e/s in Zombie Chic (Perfect Slytherin green mmm, used on the lid.)
High Voltage e/s in Swamp Thing (Murky lovely dark green used on the crease.)
Shiro Cosmetics e/s in Articuno (Used to blend the upper crease and add some shimmery awesomeness)
Sally Girl e/s in Dark Silver (Used on the bottom of the lash line.)
Sally Girl e/s in Sparkly White (Used lightly on the brow bone as a highlighting shade.)
NYX Jumbo e/s pencil in white (On the waterline.)
NYC liquid eyeliner in black

NYX Round Lipstick in Circe

I left my under eye bare because I wanted to make me look "sunken in." If Slytherin are all pure-bloods they all must look pretty similar with sunken in eyes and high cheek bones. In the second picture I'm giving my best "Euck Potter smells," look. If my nose was a bit thinner I might have pulled it off haha.
I look forward to doing Ravenclaw tomorrow! :D


  1. First off, he's acting like a prat. Best of luck dealing with his ass. :(

    Second, I love Slytherins. Love, love, love them. I'm going to go watch the movie again to get my eye candy worth of the DEs. At least the good looking DEs, lol!

    Third, fabulous look! Even more fabulous expression!

  2. I just don't think you have enough under-eye-circle business to pull off the whole "sunken in" look. Darn you and your lack of dark circles! *shake fist*

  3. Aw, thats one of the best Slytherins I've seen! Love the green, so vibrant :)

  4. So many Slytherins! Love your look :)
    I need to do a Ravenclaw.

  5. Love the nude lip (that's my favourite nude from NYX!) and Zombie Chic in this look :D

    I always told myself I would be a Slytherin because Slytherins were badass, but I think in reality I would probably be in Hufflepuff :| unless they let people in Slytherin purely for their bitchiness LOL. I'm smart but not smart enough to be in Ravenclaw, and I'm not brave.

    Can you tell I've really thought this over? XD

  6. Lady In a Top Hat- Thanks and Mmm Slytherin boys may be the meanest but they have great butts. I especially enjoy the Malfoy's. Draco is sooo hooottt and Lucious? Oh hell no don't get me started.

    thecandiedmango-*blush* I think I sleep to much to pull off the dark circles lol.

    The Peach- Thank you!

    Robyn-Thank you! That's a huge compliment. I love Zombie Chic it's seriously the perfect green.

    Phyrra- Eee! The ravenclaw look is coming soon I promise!

    Silhouettescreams- Girl you are so a Slytherin. You are way to bad ass to be a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff's are really nice and shy but Idk you don't seem shy to me. (Just awesome.)

  7. Lovely look! I need to check out Circe, it's hot.


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